30 Orakei Street, Tahunanui
Nelson 7011, New Zealand

Our Philosophy

Manaakitanga: Caring for visitors

It is our intention to care for our guests with warmth and personal attention to detail. We like to 'go the extra mile' and add little touches that help make their experience more memorable. We like them to take away with them an extra understanding and appreciation of our beautiful land and some of its history, especially our local Nelson Tasman area.

Kaitiakitanga: Caring for our land

Our unique country had only birds, insects, geckos, two tiny bats and three tiny frog species before any humans arrived. All of the current predators have been introduced and it is a constant struggle to keep them under control to stop them wiping out our original wildlife. Sadly it is too late for some of our species but the fight is on! Bay Tours Nelson supports the work of our local Brook Waimarama Sanctuary where a predator free area has been created just outside our city. Soon we are hoping to hear birdsong throughout our city that was present 300 years ago. We support new planting of local wetland areas to improve the precious and delicate eco-systems and encourage the birds and insects that thrive in those areas.

The other issue we face is pollution of our rivers, waterways, and ocean. Everyone has to do their bit to decrease the impact of plastics and other major pollutants. We have a policy of always using minimal plastic and for using re-usable materials wherever possible. We collect rubbish where we see it on our travels, to be disposed of appropriately.We now use paper bags for the guests snack lunches and have stopped offering bottled water. We encourage guests to bring their own reusable water containers as we are lucky in this country that we can still drink our tap water.

Although our vehicles use diesel, we use a conditioner in our fuel to ensure it burns as cleanly as possible, we rationalise our tour routes so there is no unnecessary travel. Our vehicles are kept to the highest standard  with a regular maintenance programme and updated COF's. Our current 'Operator Rating' is 5 (which is the highest rating ). This gives our business an overall score of 0 (which is the highest score). This reflects our philosophy of giving our visitors the best experience possible.